Things you always wanted to know.

During the course of a typical day here at College Cyclery, we are asked to answer more than a few questions. In an effort to make your College Cyclery experience more enjoyable, we have compiled the following list of the most common questions for your convenience.

Q. Do you fix flats?

A. Yes, we fix many flats regardless of tire size and no we do not patch.  The inner tube is replaced with a new tube. On a related topic please do not use automotive fix-a-flat in your bicycle tires, it is messy and makes the mechanics very angry.



Q. Is that really a Huffy?

A. Not exactly, the prominently displayed early eighty’s time-trial bike with the Huffy stickers is actually a Serotta built for and used by Greg Lemond.


Q. I want a new bike, do I have to spent $2000?

A. No, our wide range of bicycles includes models starting in the low $200 dollar range and goes up to as much as your budget will allow. Confused?  Our experienced sales staff can help guide you through the sometimes overwhelming number and type of bicycles that are currently available.

Q. Do you have solid tubes and can you install them?

A. No, we do not sell or install solid tubes. While they do prevent flats they are also guaranteed to destroy your wheel because they lack the cushioning that is an inherent design advantage of the pneumatic tube. If we were greedy, we would advocate the use of solid tubes, because we could sell a lot of new wheels. In addition to being less than the best choice, solid tubes are very difficult to install without damaging the rim or causing personal injury to the installer, this also makes our mechanics very angry.

Q. Which brand of bike is the best?

A. There really is no one brand of bicycle that is better than all the rest. All of the brands we carry have extensive warranties and comparable features. It really comes down to which bike works the best for you. Whether it’s mountain, road, hybrid, touring, cruiser, or comfort bicycles we can find the specific type of bike that works best for you.

Q. Do you have any used bikes?

A. Yes, we have a small rotating stock of used bikes. Typically the used bikes are on consignment and are not owned by us, limiting our ability to haggle on their price.

Q. I need a tube.

A. More of a statement than a question “I need a tube” is the most common phrase we hear from customers at College Cyclery. There are a large number of sizes, which can be confusing, but the largest stumbling block is the difference between the Presta and Schrader valve. Typically a rim drilled for one valve doesn’t work for the other.

Q. Do I need a custom-fitted bicycle?

A. Maybe, our highly trained staff is able to determine whether or not you require a custom size. In fact we are so concerned about fit we have a whole page about it here.

Q. I already have a bicycle can you make it fit me?

A. Yes and no. We can make current bikes fit within reason. Assuming your bike is already a close fit we can make alterations to your riding position for more comfort and power but there is only so much anyone can do. Please visit our Fitting page for more information


Q. Can I use your phone?

A. That depends, are you a customer or someone that doesn’t want to use the payphone down the street.



Q. Do you take trade-ins?

A. No, bicycles are not quite like cars. The resale value tends to be too low for any kind of trade-in to be worthwhile.

Q. Do you buy bicycles?

A. Generally we do not buy bicycles however, if it is something rare, old, or interesting sometimes we make an exception.

Q. Do you sell recumbent bicycles?

A. No, we currently do not sell any recumbent bicycles.

Q. Do you sell folding bicycles?

A. We don’t currently carry a folding bicycle line but we can do special orders for folding bicycles.

Q. Can I borrow some tools?

A. No. The mechanics are very possessive and become angry when they can’t find all their tools.




Q. Can you show me how to build a wheel?

A. While we are physically capable of showing you how to build a wheel the time requirements of repairing customers’ bikes precludes us from actually doing so. Actually we don’t really have the time to teach you how to do anything on greater mechanical difficulty than a simple inner tube replacement. Sorry. In addition to not having the extra time to answer questions, doing so makes our mechanics confused and very angry.

Q. Why are your mechanics so angry? Were they mistreated as children?

A. Our mechanics are not so much angry as they are misunderstood. We are currently in negotiation with a Director who promises to make our mechanics into really efficient Epsilon type workers. In the meantime, we have found that beer makes them relax and stop complaining. As to whether they were mistreated as children, that is evaluated on a case to case basis and we haven’t determined if it really makes a difference.